WordPress Website Design for a Digital Hypnosis Product: A Case Study

Summary: I designed a WordPress website for this company to sell downloadable hypnosis programs. I also set up, configured, and integrated their Infusionsoft CRM and shopping cart to process orders and manage customers.

By Derek Chiodo

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About The Product

7 Minute Hypnosis™ is a downloadable audio product containing various audio programs that utilize high-interval hypnosis to help users build healthier behaviors and habits.

The Problem

No E-Commerce Website

This company developed the product but now needed an e-commerce website for selling it directly to consumers as a download that can be immediately accessed.

My Role

I was the UX designer for this project and communicated with the company’s management. My responsibilities were to:

  • Build a website that can sell their downloadable product.
  • Make the website easy to manage.
  • Set up, configure, and integrate their Infusionsoft CRM and shopping cart with the website.

The Solution

I chose the following solutions based on the project’s requirements, my own research, and my past experience with similar projects.

Build The Website Using WordPress

I chose WordPress because it is a proven and reliable website building platform that powers 43% of all websites.1 Most importantly, WordPress allows for seamless ongoing management of content and design at scale.

I also knew there were WordPress Iplugins for the features this website needed, which included:

Thrive Ultimatum

This plugin let 7 Minute Hypnosis run scarcity campaigns such as evergreen and limited-time special offers. Thrive Ultimatum can also display a countdown timer to generate a sense of urgency.

Beaver Builder

I used the Beaver Builder suite of tools to build this website. This included the page builder, themer, and theme. Use of these tools makes it easy for the company's internal team to manage and update the website.

Design Website Architecture and Pages

Sales copy for each page was provided to me by the company management. I designed the site and each page around this copy.

Home (Page)

An effective home page introduces visitors to the website, company, and products. I achieved this by:

  • Handling objections - the headline states what the product does, that it is created by certified hypnotherapists, and that it is safe, easy, and effective.
  • Letting visitors know there are 3 audio sessions in each program and providing the length of the audios.
  • Displaying the support options - Live chat, a phone number, and an email address for easy contact.

This home page quickly gives visitors an idea of what the website is about, how it may benefit them, and how they can take action.

How It Works (Page)

The goal of this page is to explain how the hypnosis works and answer common questions. I've accomplished this through an explainer video that can be watched and through text that can be read.

Program Listing (Page)

The goal of this page is to show visitors all of the programs they will receive. Each program can be clicked on for more information.

Single Program (Page)

The goal of this page is to explain each individual program—how it works and the benefits it offers. I designed a program-specific image which I then put into an Adobe Photoshop action script to create a realistic-looking iPhone.

Order (Page)

The goal of this page is to display all ordering options and make it easy for a visitor to purchase the product. I included a countdown timer for the special offer to create a sense of urgency.

Download Area (Page)

After a visitor makes a purchase, they gain access to all of the programs. This page lists those programs in a familiar format that's similar to what visitors saw before buying. At the top of the page is an audio introduction that explains hypnosis and how the customer can get the most out of the program. Users can click on any program to access the downloads for that program.

Download Single Program (Page)

This page lists each program's session downloads—7-, 21-, and 40-minute MP3s—along with the bonus downloads and ebook.

Integrate Infusionsoft

I set up the digital products and created a custom order form for each product inside Infusionsoft. After that, I attached each product to an email campaign that automatically emails the customer a download link once they have placed an order. The customer is also tagged so the company can segment and market to these customers.

The Outcome

These are the outcomes 7 Minute Hypnosis gained from their new e-commerce website.

New Revenue Stream

This is a new website that sells a new product. The site therefore provides the company a new revenue stream once they start their marketing campaigns.

Easier Website Management

Having a website built on WordPress and Beaver Builder lets this company make website changes quickly without having to rely on a programmer.

More Marketing Opportunities

Selling online and having their website integrate with Infusionsoft brings greater opportunities for the company. They will be able to develop an email list and a CRM database, as well as market their product on social media and paid channels.


Delivering Audio Downloads / Streaming

Delivering audio can be difficult because some users want to be able to download it, stream it, and import the program into a music program like iTunes, but they aren't exactly sure how to do so.

For flexibility, this company provides instructions for downloading the audio files to a customer's computer or phone. Customers can also stream each audio from their browser.

In addition, an iOS app is available so they can easily play the program on their iPhone.


Continually Improve Based on User Feedback

When you receive feedback from a paying user, whether it's a comment or a question, think about how you can use that feedback to improve the website's sales copy. This may be either by clarifying how the product is used or by listing an additional benefit customers are getting that wasn't initially listed on the website.


1 - https://www.shopify.com/press/releases/shopify-now-powers-over-500-000-businesses-in-175-countries